Emirates Natural Drinking Water is one of the pioneers in the water distribution industry in the United Arab Emirates. Its brand is recognized and respected since 1979.Emirates Natural Drinking Water is a local company dedicated to the development of a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing of the people of UAE and all the other countries where Emirates Water is distributed.

Our products are processed and packed in a fully automated, modern manufacturing facility utilizing innovative processing technologies and using state-of-art machineries that produce 45,000 cartons a day. Our products are distributed throughout the UAE supplying to Airline Food Service companies, Catering Services, Hospitals & Care Facilities, Hotels, Offices, Residences, Restaurants, Shipchandlers, Shops, Sports Clubs/Facilities and Supermarkets to name a few.

Emirates Water is also privileged to be an approved and preferred supplier of bottle drinking water to US Armed Forces and British Military bases in the UAE for several years.Thousands of families and organizations have experienced the quality of the water we produce which is consistently safe, pure, and fresh drinking water.Amid worries about obesity, diabetes and other health matters, bottled water’s lack of calories and artificial ingredients, its convenience and the refreshing taste attracts health-conscious consumers.

Our Mission

  • Our mission at Emirates Water Factory is to bring water closer to you.
  • Because clean drinking water is a source of life. Day after day, at Emirates Water we plan, select and execute all procedures with full respect for this source of life.
  • More specifically, the company aims to satisfy the consumers demand for sustained premium product quality. In this way, the company commits itself to developing and maintaining the desired and promised quality.
  • Achieving this objective is associated with planning and effectively using the company’s human, technological and material resources, all of which it commits itself to provide continuously, to the extent required.
  • The customer needs to be able to trust the company’s competence to offer the desired quality and required quantities within the timeframe agreed.
  • The above targets remain unchanged but are complemented by the company continuously striving to follow changes in consumer trends and lifestyle and its customers increasing demands.

Our Process

  • We persistently invest in the latest equipment to ensure flexibility and premium quality. The choices regarding bottling equipment, packaging material and design of the bottle and cap are made solely in light of product quality.
  • Emirates Water is a product that utilizes only the highest quality materials, stringent manufacturing standards, and strictest quality control measures.
  • Our source water which comes from Al Worayaa Spring in Fujairah is refined into a pollutant and contaminant free product using the latest state of the art purification technology.
  • It goes through a series of microfiltration to remove suspended solids and other particulates. It is then passed via activated carbon absorption refinement for removal of undesirable tastes, odor, color, and other organic substances. Then it is hyper filtered in to pure water molecules through Reverse Osmosis.
  • To maintain this pure state, the product undergoes closed loop re-circulating Ultra Violet Irradiation and Ozone Diffusion for final decontamination. We use the best proven technologies to produce healthy great tasting water that is made fresh daily.

Quality Control

  • Quality standards have been established in accordance to the strict water manufacturing guidelines of the Dubai Food Control Authority and are closely monitored on a regular basis.
  • Furthermore, product samples are regularly monitored for testing as well as to accredited third-party laboratories for quality analysis and approval.
  • Emirates Water facilities are a fully certified and accredited for manufacturing & operation in accordance to HACCP(Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) and ESMA(Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology)
  • The core of our business in Emirates Water is being committed to provide all our customers with the highest quality and healthy water products at all times.